Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty pretties! Now, what do I do with them?

You know that great picture of my back in the last post? That is a picture of when Her Majesty Clare was handing out these GORGEOUS pewter tokens made by the Laurel she is apprenticed to, Mistress Gilliana Attewatyr. She made one for each of the participants. Badges for our own little pilgrimage of sorts.

The little scissor charm I found tucked into my notebook of documentation and I heard they were given out by Mistress Rebecca. Such a sweet charm.

So, now I'm staring at them and trying to figure out how best to display them. What sort of thing do they need to become?

I'm vaguely toying with the idea of putting the badge on a needlebook to tuck in with my other sewing tools. I could certainly make it into a scissor fob. There's also the option of stitching it to my pilgrim hat where I have been collecting my other pewter bits from site tokens and such, but I rarely wear it. Not that it isn't a fun hat, but it doesn't go so well with either of my sets of garb. my daughter suggested I make a felt band and attach it around my basket to show things off. her primary motivation is that she wants the hat. Its an unblocked felt one and she's sure it should be a cowgirl hat. I know a needlebook would get use, and lots of it. Just wondering if the badge deserves something cooler, and what exactly that would be. Whatever it is, I think the scissors will end up dangling from it so I can utilize the pretty braid its attached to.

As Poohbear would say, "Think. Think. Think."

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