Thursday, January 19, 2012

My 50 classes for the A&S 50/50

One of my goals for the SCA society wide A&S 50/50 challenge is to teach 50 classes. I've been working on it but haven't made as much progress as I'd like. I'm also trying to make them fit into the University of Artemisia requirements for become a Fellow of the University which adds some additional requirements. In order to fit the University requirements they have to be taught at an event (officially,) roll has to be taken, and the class can only be repeated every 4 years. So, they have to be official classes, and they have to be different classes. Also, to meet the requirements to become a Fellow of the University, the classes have to be wide ranging. In order to receive that accolade you need to teach 3 classes in 3 different areas. The University is divided into 9 different colleges. If I teach 3 classes in 6 different colleges I could become a Senior Fellow. Teaching 3 classes in all 9 colleges earns the Fellow's Emeritus of the University. That last one probably won't happen since I'm not into the combat arts (other than thrown weapons and a wish to learn heavy fighting.)

Thus far, I've been teaching mostly at the Collegiums and trying to spread the subjects of my classes out, but am nowhere near what I need to teach my goal. I have taught:

An introduction to making felted hats
Beginning naalbinding (taught twice but only once counts)
Quilting IS period: an introduction to trapunto
16th century Italian accessories ( co-taught/participated in a round table)
Introduction to Geomythology
Bookplates and Decorative bookbindings

Yeah, 6 of 50 doesn't seem too impressive. I'm planning to teach a class on apotropaic jewelry at the event I'm autocratting in March. I've already been poked about teaching at Southern Regional Collegium in April and I'm sure I'll teach at that. I'd rather take classes, to be honest, but its a good opportunity to teach multiple classes quickly. Just need to decide what. It needs to be non-textile to fit the Fellow guidelines, otherwise I was sort of thinking about doing one on how to drape and sew stockings. I might do a cooking class of some kind or a straight out history class on a particular event in Russian history. Still thinking on it.

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