Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good luck to everyone doing "Over and Above."

We got keys to the new house and tomorrow should see the heaviest stuff taken over so we can start sleeping there. Today was my daughter's last day at her school and she starts the new one in the morning. Most of my fabric and sewing supplies are packed and ready. Hopefully we'll be settled in a week or so.

I'm still hoping to "play along at home" with the mini-challenge and finally finish my zimarra this month. I made about a hundred yards of a two color trim that I'm tying frogs with and trimming everything with. The sleeves are multipaned and I have one sleeve sewn completely with most of the trim couched on. I'm planning to catch the panes at intervals and sew on decorative buttons. I'll also slash the front and put buttons along those openings as well as center front. I had 10 dozen of the buttons made (there's a picture of some of them up top,) but I've run out of the crochet cotton I was using and can't match it. My estimate was 12 dozen buttons needed. It was suggested that I just make due with what I had, butI also don't like the shade of bright yellow against the gold and blue of the gown. So, I bought a softer color and am starting over. I'm doing two sizes this time around and I think that will add some more interest. The first time around I attached turquoise beads at the tops of the buttons and I think that they will sew on better if I attach the beads when I'm making the shanks and sewing them to the gown. I've got 10 of the larger size and 5 of the smaller. Hoping to do a few more in between moving this week. We'll see how that goes.


  1. By the way, if you are looking for a good home for those 10 dozen buttons...maybe we could work out a trade? They are lovely and in some of my favorite colors so I'm sure I could do something with them!

    I make...um...stuff....


  2. I'd love to do a trade at some point, but I have things in mind for the buttons. They aren't right for the zimmara, but there are plenty of semi-current projects they will work for. My heraldry is the blue and gold so its a frequent color combo. Even if I do frequently ditch the gold/yellow and substitute orange :D I'm crazy about buttons. They're one of my favorite mindless projects to cart around at events. Sometimes I even do them right and use silk like I'm supposed to rather than the crochet cotton.