Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Didn't get pictures at 12th night, but here's some of me in the background

My friend Megan was kind enough to let me share a couple of pictures she took at 12th night. Not many got taken, but I intend to remedy that this weekend and have my friend Davey take some good pictures of the dress and accessories.

And, in case you wanted to see the back.


  1. The gown is just lovely! I notice in the first pic you're wearing what looks to be a small brown shawl or stole. Could you talk a bit about that? What's it made of? It's very pretty. :-)

  2. That small brown cape was my favorite piece out of everything Praksdesys entered. It was velvet, silk and fur, with cutwork and pearls - I coveted it!

  3. Cathlin, the shawl is my mantellina. The full run down with my patented terrible pictures is here :)

    It is brown velvet lined with yummy, snuggly, brown shearling with an interior layer of orange silk to peek through the cutwork. I agree with Maestra Bianca. It's my favorite piece as well.

  4. It's just lovely! Thanks so much for telling me a bit more about it!