Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking at rainbows

Still in the early stages of planning where anything can happen. Fia was telling me she was considering not being quite so literal and heraldic with her dress and might go blue rather then the red I was expecting. We both also love purple. I have my crazy adoration of oranges, coppers and rusts. I keep staring at the dye list at Dharma and dreaming. It could be any color. That's actually rather overwhelming. I'm not matching the portrait or dealing with the fabrics in my stash or the fabrics in stock. I'm creating my own fabric and depending on how much experimenting I want to do, I really could get about any color.

I don't have much depth in my closet. At present my only functional garb outfits are: a red and gold Norse-ish apron dress, the red and gold Camilla dress, a peacock and magenta Russian, 3 Persian camp ensembles in various crazy color combinations, and the orange and blue patchwork Italian. Green would be nice and I don't have any. Purple would be fun. I really do love both blue and copper though. Copper/oranges are not my best colors however. Red is the obvious choice for an Italian, but I do have a red velvet dress already. This one would be tons different though. Black and gold would be spectacular. I sort of have issues with black though. I love color. Also, as a big girl most of my mundane clothing options are black and I tend to think of it as depressing rather than elegant. I'm still drifting towards a deep sapphire blue. The Russianizing of the embroidery might change my mind though. Hmmm. Guess I get to keep staring at rainbows.

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