Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yup, I'm lazy. . .

I decided last night that I would get over my lazy and sit down and finish painting the block printed fabric for the drawers. About an hour in, when I had only painted about a dozen of the 300 or so motifs, I decided I truly was just not that ambitious.  I decided that one color block printing was going to be just fine for the drawers.
My husband helped out by wandering by and telling me he preferred the plain version. While I don't usually listen to "Khaki Man's" opinion, as he is a firm believer in less is more and thus my antithesis, it was late and lazy was looking for any excuse to not have to do more work. So, drawers have been cut and sewn and are blue on blue. I just need to decide on some lace for trimming and they're all done.

However, I couldn't let the already decorated fabric go to waste. The silk I had planned to use for the saccocia got put away and I used the painted linen instead since I had just a small amount of it. It's lined with the block printed linen and the tie is the herringbone silk ribbon I plan to use for trim. This is my third saccocia. I liked the size of the orange silk one from my last dress so well that I just traced around it. the linen will certainly be more washable.


  1. I like both, but because of sheer amount of time, I agree with your husband, the blue on blue option for your drawers alone will be just fine.

    plus, I love your saccocia... pretty