Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A couple of quick cauls

I'm working on a working class dress to wear this weekend for Quest for Atlantis in Barony of Gryphon's Lair, so the IRCC isn't getting all that much time, but I'm determined to keep plugging away. With that in mind I made two quick cauls out of pre-embroidered fabrics. They're just simple circles gathered to a fitted band. This one has a pattern of eyelets done in brown thread. I cut the circle far too big and it hangs lower than it should so I cut the second one smaller. It has whitework circles on it. I'm considering adding pearls but we'll see. I'm going to wear it this weekend (assuming I finish the dress.) Hey look! I got the feather's curled. The white one isn't cooperating much. I might remove it. Considering making a hat jewel as well.

The dress for camping this weekend is a blue/green teal linen with spice guards. I had intended to do only minimal boning/interlining since that is the more correct look. My vanity got in the way, however. As a super fat person who has had 4 children I really like the smoothing and support of a boned bodice. So it has 2 interior layers of canvas and one of wool felt and not as many bones as my court gowns but still quite a few. The bodice is assembled, just needs eyelets done and guards attached. The guards are today's project. Eyelets will probably get done Friday since we're planning a trip to my husband's brother's graduation and it is a good car project.

Since I'm planning to machine sew the drawers, they might get started today too. Not sure yet. I got the fabric stamped and after counting over 300 of the stamps that I'd need to go back in with gold I decided to be lazy and leave it as is. I like the stamping a lot. I think I'll try it again for an outer garment. Then I'll go through the extra work of adding additional colors. As a first attempt I'm pretty satisfied with it.
Makes a really nice tablecloth too.


  1. Any chance you could paint the gold into only a few of them once you've cut out the drawers?

  2. I could do that very easily. It's just a question on how lazy I am.:p I'm not going to get the drawers done this week so I've got more time to stare at the fabric and figure out how much more time I wnat to put into them.