Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One more heart to stitch. Also, I have a hacksaw

My children have once again made off with the batteries for the camera. Probably just as well, there really isn't much to take a picture of. I am so very, very close to finishing the leather applique for the muff but it isn't done yet. Hopefully I'll finish it before I go to bed. I still need to mop the kitchen floor though, so it may have to wait until morning.

I really want to finish it though because I promised myself a goofy reward. We do the Bountiful Baskets fruit/veggie coop and last week I got a coconut as part of a tropical pack add-on I bought. You may remember my discovery of the magical historical coconut cup back in February. The pre-done coconuts I was going to buy then were back ordered and the plan never came together. But there is a coconut on my counter. There is a hacksaw in my toolbox. There is a sheet of copper in my craft room. Once the applique is done I am determined to get into some mischief with these items. Then there should be something to take a picture of. Assuming I can steal the batteries back from my children.

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