Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finished the guards on the camping dress bodice.

I need to spot clean the glue I used to tack the guards into place where I changed my mind on the layout, but other than that the guards are done. Stitching them in place went much faster than the ones I'm couching down with gold on the cappotto.  Need to stitch the eyelets for the lacings and then I'll  double check the fit of the shoulder seams and stitch them. Sleeves are close to done and I have lacing rings to attach. Hoping to get the skirt stitched on tomorrow. I may or may not get the skirt guards on before the event on Saturday.

Yes, I know my lacing position is a bit odd and should be further back and more angled to match the guard. With my body shape that just isn't a particularly good fit. When Noelle drafted this pattern for my red dress last year we moved it more forward under the arm. Looking at my bodice patterns spread out is always weird for me. I have the shoulders of a football linebacker and am just such a broad body that it odd to compare what fits me with what other's bodices look like. I swear it looks right when on. Same deal with the inner most guard, it looks kinda wonky laid out flat with the two upper ones angling off and it going straight across but once on it looks good.

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