Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a quick update

The kids have swiped the batteries from the camera for the remote control, so no pictures until tonight, but I've started sanding the tourney shield. Hoping to get some work done on it tonight after they go to bed. The other project I've got going is a cappotto/Dutch cloak based on the Don Garzia Medici extant piece. I finished the buttons for it yesterday. Fourteen goes much more quickly than 100 something. I'm doing simple braided frogs, with the loops formed by half hitches (would have been buttonhole stitch, but I tied them rather than stitched them) and they are almost complete, just 3 left to finish the second side of. Planning to cut the cloak and guards out tonight or tomorrow and get started on the couching. I just have to decide for sure on the couple of things I'd like to change. I'm considering doing a picadil on the shoulder rather than the wing in order to make it more feminine. I might also make the sleeves hanging, but do like having them functional. I'll be honest, I'd really have preferred to do a much fuller bag sleeve, or even the Neopolitan type that Katerina or Purple Files did on her cappotto, but I didn't want to make that many buttons after all the buttons I just made. Simple as that. The just 3 buttons per sleeve on the extant piece was very convincing for that reason. Still thinking about the picadils at the base of the neck. They're kind of weird but rather fabulous as well.

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