Friday, April 13, 2012

Bouquets of buttons

Just in case you wanted to see what a hundred or so hours of button making results in. Doesn't really seem like much. . .

Still need to finish making all the frogs that match them. One day I really will finish this loose gown. I hope.


  1. OOH They are Lovely! What materials are you using?

  2. Ooo, they're fabulous! They look like bunches of little fruits, and, oddly enough, I imagine them tasting like a lychee. Mmm...lychee buttons. lol
    How do you make these?

  3. Tia, I usually use silk for buttons, but these are pearl cotton because the loose gown is cotton (it was supposed to be a mockup-- then I got carried away. . .) The mercerized cotton makes the knots along the ribs a little more defined. The beads on top (which will eventually be on all once they are shanked) are turquoise.

    Megan, they are basically these I do 8 spokes rather than six and then wrapped blue spokes over the completed yellow button in between the ribs.

  4. Ooo, thank you for the link! I'll definitely be trying my hand at these. :D

  5. Yes Thank you, I have fiddled with these type of button, doing a basket weave and wasnt real impressed with my efforts LOL, but seeing yours makes me eager to try again! & Thank you for the link as well!