Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Camicia ideas

I've been trying to get excited about the camicia. The two I currently own are nice, and I especially love the lace insertion on my first one. I had planned to make another with lace, as it is my favorite to wear. It just seemed that this was the opportunity to do something different, rather than making more of the same.

The problem is that I think the lace or plain camicias are what I need for the new gown, but it isn't what I want to make. What I want to make is a camicia with black points like this one painted by Bartolomeo Veneto.
Here's another similar one, again by Veneto, this one in a portrait of Beatrice d'Este from the early 1500's
Here's more of the cute little bows, this one by Raphael's "Woman in a Veil" (1515, and in the Pitti Palace)
And this one is Andrea Solario's "The Lute Player" about 1510 ish as well.

So, camicia I think is interesting. Wonderful. The fact that the style is far too early for my dress-- not so wonderful.

I think what my solution is going to be is to make it anyway. My next dress is going to be an earlier style and I have the two other dresses from the 1530's so it will get worn. I think I will remodel the plain camicia I made this winter and make it much less full so it can be worn under the gold dress I'm making and more wearable all around. That isn't a new item and won't count for the competition though. The black pointed one would be entirely new and I'd just swap camicias and wear it with a different dress. Hey, I swapped petticoats for my other dress. My gold one now goes under the Lotto gown and the salmon linen one I made for it is now worn with my red dress.

I'm going to sleep on it though. Maybe some brilliant idea will hit. Either way, I know that I eventually want a black pointed camicia.


  1. This may feed your think - it's a catalog of "homeless" Renaissance paintings. These are artworks of which photos exist, but whose current location are unknown. Some may have not survived wars and disasters, others may be in private collections. In any case, it's a convenient catalog of images not often seen. Among them are lots of camicia examples (click on portraits in the right hand sidebar).


    Looking forward to seeing how your ideas churn,

    Enjoy! -Kim

  2. Thank you for both the link and the fangirl moment (OMG Kim Salazar is reading my blog!) I am going to be "wasting" tons of time perusing pretty and intriguing pictures.