Sunday, April 15, 2012

First project of IRCC II done!

After a full day of teaching at Collegium on Saturday, I didn't even try to start the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge on day 1. I also knew I needed to do something on Sunday that didn't involve barricading myself in my sewing room. I needed something small so I could spend the day with my kids. Conveniently, I even had a project on my list that involved my husband. We spent the day playing with rings and making chain maille. Holly pointed out these beautiful bracelets that look to be a half Persian weave in Bronzino's 1550 Portrait of a Lady. Like anything else, once you see something you keep seeing it. Here's a set painted by Veronese in the Portrait of Isabella Canossa. She's even wearing a ladder lacing. There are more here, here, here, and here. So, basically, they're everywhere. I decided I needed some.

I made another set with a different weave for the ACC with rings I made myself on my husband's mandril (which I actually made a few years ago for a Christmas present for Gandhi with the help of my dad.) The first set was just random wire I had hanging around so I could learn the technique. I wanted to do a shinier set with the more complex weave that were nicer. I used 16mm jump rings which I thought would be perfect. Gandhi informs me that it would be better if the wire was thicker and the ratio of the size of the ring to the gauge of the wire was smaller. The weave would be tighter in that case. I freely admit I probably wouldn't have managed to make these as painlessly as I did if my long suffering husband wasn't sitting right next to me keeping me in line and sorting out my mistakes. At one point I had put the bracelet down and picked it up in the wrong direction and completely confused myself.

I used a plain toggle for a clasp rather than the fancier pearl clasps I'd planned to use. The more ornate clasp was just too fiddly to open. I may keep looking for something fun, but right now the toggle is functional and unobtrusive and I'm happy with them.

Other than that, I cast on the stockings and started knitting. I'm a super duper slow knitter so getting started now seemed the best plan.

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