Thursday, December 29, 2011

I know, I know, I haven't updated

I've been trying to balance sick kids, scrambling to finish and the holidays. I swear, I'll have pictures and updates soon. The dress is getting close. The bodice is done and I'm just putting the skirt on now. I already had it lined and pleated, so its just a matter of lots and lots of tacking to the bodice. We're taking the kids to their grandma's tomorrow so I hope to finish it in the car. Baragoni are cut and pieced, but I need to bombast them. Still need to cut and piece the sleeves. Its going to be really, really close as to whether the lower sleeves get done by the New Year's Eve deadline. I'm pretty sure I'll have the baragoni done, though.

I was looking at my list of stuff and realizing that I haven't blogged a lot of finished projects so there may be some quick pictures of piles of things to prove they're done and more leisurely posts after the deadline to actually show them off and talk about them. I think all my time is pretty much committed to dress finishing, so this is the list of my completed items unless something unforeseen happens and I find a time portal that lets me get an extra month to work.

Skin layer- Camicia. I finished the plain pleated one so don't need to substitute my lace inserted one, yay!

Main garment-Dress. Should technically be a "dress" by late tonight, some time after dinner. Obviously, I want to complete the sleeves as well, but they'll be getting done at the last minute despite my better intentions.

Warmth layer- Mantellina. Complete in all its handsewn, furlined, cutwork, pearled glory.

Accessory- Peacock feather fan. I think my giant fan of awesome is going to be my official layer 4. I couldn't be more pleased with the luxurious fantastic over-the-topness of it.

Additional garments and accessories

1.Gold coverciere/partlet (needs to be blogged)
2.Salmon linen petticoat (ntbb)
3.Blue linen drawers
4.Particolor leather slippers
5.White linen stockings
6.Blackwork garters with buckles and tassels
7.Orange silk saccocia
9.Fur lined muff
10.Tasseled bag
11.Nosegay (Needs to be blogged-- I even grew stuff!)
12. Sculpted jewel necklace
13. Peacock comb
14. Blue and gold girdle (ntbb)
15. White apron with orange accents (ntbb)
16.Pearl drop earrings
17. Pearl necklace
18. Pearl girdle with tassel
19. Paper and filigree flag fan
20.Chainmaille bracelets (ntbb)
21. Turban
22. Gold and blue hair ornament (ntbb)
23. Crazy curly hat (I made a lot of changes due to some new research so ntbb)
24. Silk sash with cast terminal decorations (ntbb)
25. Handkerchief (currently using my IRCC one since my drawnwork one is incomplete)
26. Zibellino (Using Galanthis since she's pretty awesome and I see no reason to make a new zibi- she was made within the contest parameters)
27. Chopines (using my original pair-- see above for reasoning. Also, I didn't get the pantofles I started done.)
28. Street veil with tassels (Again, using the IRCC one because I love it and it was made within the parameters of the contest.)
29. Parasol with fringe (ntbb)
30. Blue leather gloves (ntbb)
31. Zimarra (I'm REALLY close on the blue and gold. It might not get done by the deadline, in which case I will wear my other one, which is within contest parameters. I hope I can finish the blue to wear to 12th Night even if it doesn't make the sewing deadline though.)
32. Walking sticks (so I don't fall on my head wearing the chopines since I lack servant boys. Found a little research, but its lighter than I'd like. The sticks are fun though. Needs to be blogged.)
33. Blue and orange with gold pincushion. (ntbb)

Stuff I didn't get done and am grumbly about:

Pantofles-- Slide on wedgie sort of sandals to wear with my slippers rather than the crazier chopines. They're cut and mostly shaped but need finish work and to be covered. Guess its something to do in the spring.

Book-- Book of sonnets bound in cuir cisele (water tooled)leather. It was supposed to be just a quicky project for Realm of Venus Idle hands in October but very much mushroomed. I have 4 sonnets written and 2 illuminated. This is going to be a long term on going project.

Drawn thread linen handkerchief-- I have a basic braided border done but the hankie isn't anywhere near completion. It needs a good solid week of work minimum.

Needlecase-- I still haven't figured this out. I've tried a couple of other things since my early experiments but haven't figured out how to make it really work. I did make a little pincushion to hang from the saccocia, but would rather have finished the needlecase and maybe done something more like April/Aurora's gorgeous sewing kit

Pearled reta/caul-- I got the cords stretched on a frame, but didn't have time to stitch the pearls. A day or two would finish it.

Lightweight dyed silk veil-- Just never got around to ordering the silk so this one is more just an idea. I'd like to have one though. I think I'll be ordering it in a week or so just so I have one.

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