Monday, December 19, 2011

Meltdown the first

The pretty picture of the fan is there to remind me that I am, in fact, getting things done even if it does not feel like it. There are holes in the top of most of my fingertips and ripped cuticles where I've ripped out hangnails. My hands are cracked and sore and I'm feeling stupid right about now. Christmas presents for my kids are actually at a reasonable place but the dress seems hopeless right about now. Therefore, I am posting a list of what I do have done and wearable in an attempt to make myself feel better.

Layer 1- Camicia. My lace inserted one would legitimately count and so this is technically complete. I have a second, plain one in process. Most of the panels have been hemmed and just need to be assembled with an insertion stitch and the sleeves and neckline gathered.

Layer 2- Petticoat. Salmon colored linen lined in chestnut linen and cartridge pleated. It is trimmed in green ribbon and corded.

Layer 4- Mantellina. Chocolate cotton velveteen lined in brown shearling with an intermediate layer of copper silk. Cutwork border accented with pearls. Completely handsewn.

Particolor leather slippers lined in wool with leather heart applique

White linen stockings with cotton lace cuffs.

Green edged garters with buckles and tassels. They feature blackwork hearts in tangerine silk.

Blue linen drawers with brass buttons trimmed in waterlily trim and lace.

Orange silk saccocia with orange and gold trim lined in blue linen.

Golden bead rosary on black silk with white ribbon tassel.

Gold tone beaded girdle with blue beads.

Pearl drop earrings.

Oversized jewel necklace with chain. Sculpted of polymer clay and gilded.

Half Persian maille bracelets.

Freshwater pearl necklace.

Pearl girdle with tassel.

Copper silk poste (scarf/sash) with tassels and pewter cast hearts.

Copper silk turban with fringe.



Black street veil.

Peacock feather fan.

Leather cutwork flag fan.

Fur lined muff with gold trim, pearl buttons, and chain.

Tassel bag.

Fringed parasol.

You will notice the absence of Layer 3-- the dress. Yeah, that lies at the heart of the meltdown. It'll get done. I hope. There are also several other accessories that I've already put a bunch of time in to that I'm hoping to finish. The trim and buttons on the zimarra continue to frustrate me. But the done list isn't half bad, and I'm really, really pleased with some of the pieces. The peacock fan, tassel bag, and muff are things I'm pretty proud of.

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