Friday, December 30, 2011

I knew I'd forget something

34. Larva mask. My vizard/moretta isn't all that much fun to wear what with not being able to talk so I made a more wearable (and hopefully less creepy one.) It's plain and seems boring compared to what I think of when I think Venetian mask, but its more accurate to the research I can find.

35ish Not sure if this is really an accessory or not, but I braided a pair of silk bodice laces/accordoletta on my marudai.

Skirt is now on the bodice and I have a dress. It remains sleeveless, however. I did something funky to the muscles in my right forearm pushing the awl through the heavy layers in order to finish the eyelets for the front lacing. There are 26 of them and the bodice is 4 layers of twill (lining, flat lining and 2 for the boning layer,) 2 of wool felt, and the silk layer making it a bear to push an awl through. Add to that sewing several hundred cartridge pleats (silk, wool padding and twill lining) to the aforementioned 7 layer bodice and I'm just not up to any more hand sewing tomorrow. I guess I'll have to be sleeveless for contest end. I'm sure I can get them done before 12th Night but it just isn't happening in the next 12 hours in order to be officially counted.

I promise pictures (if crummy ones) in the afternoon tomorrow. Davey has confirmed that he'll be coming over to take nicer ones on Thursday to put in my documentation for 12th Night so y'all can see how these things really look as opposed to my terrible photos.

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