Friday, April 22, 2011

There's a Wocket in my pocket

The vintage fur I bought for my zibellino got here yesterday. It is HUGE! I wanted something a bit larger than a mink just to make the proportion better, since I'm 6'1" tall and so I found and bought what is probably a fisher. I may have overcompensated. I think it'll probably be okay though. The pose of the portrait has him up on the shoulder. I took another trip through portraits with zibellini. Antea certainly has a large one on her shoulder. Its also by the same artist. Granted, its supposed to be more of an ideal/allegorical portrait, but there are others. The color of the fur is a deep and gorgeous brown and that makes me very happy.

He does not, however, fit into my pocket. I think its the perfect size though. I made it from a piece of upholstery velvet I had left over from the scholar's robe I made for my husband for Winter Solstice Court last December. I was a little worried about the red clashing with whatever red I end up getting for my velvet, but its such a pretty fabric and will be hidden under the dress so I went for it. Its lined in red linen scrap. I considered doing some pearling or something, but I really like the gold print so after several attempts at finding trim or beading it up I just left it alone. Besides, it was supposed to be a quick project to have something to show while I worked on visually boring lace. I'm pretty happy with it.

Speaking of lace, I have two yards done. Not too shabby. I should get lots more done over the weekend with four hours in the car both ways and lots of family party once we're down there. Not to mention grandmas who want to hold and play with babies. Yay for having my hands free!

The biggest news on dress progress, however, is that Seraphina Basso is AWESOME! I went over to her house and she drafted and fitted my bodice pattern. I really wish I'd thought to take pictures of the mockup. I felt instantly beautiful even in half sewn ticking pinned to my tank top. The thought of how great its going to look as a real dress had me doing a little dance while driving home. I'm planning to draft the sleeves once I get back from the weekend of holidays. I want to make a trial bodice as soon as possible before moving on to the velvet to try figure out how construction works. I've decided to not do the corset and do a felt lining for support instead and want to play around with that a bit.

Lots of stuff swirling around in the back of my brain. More laundry to do so we can head out of town. Two disks of Project Runway to spend today watching and more lace to make.

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