Saturday, April 23, 2011

Its almost a muff

Fur and the red gold scrap I used to make the pocket I posted yesterday inspired me to make a muff. One thing about having a Russian persona, I have no lack of fur in my stash. The trim is one of my favorites. I was sort of thinking about using it on the dress rather than making my trim, but I think its too wide for the dress. I love the sheen of the gold in person though. Its not plasticey and overly shiny, in a bad way, like a lot of trim. I've actually pulled this trim to bits a few times and used the cord for doing my own goldwork when I'm being cheap and haven't purchased passing thread. Its kind of a fun effect and makes for nice couching practice. So that's fabric, fur, and trim pulled from the stash. Seemed like the perfect quick project. What I didn't have in my stash and needed for the muff was crystal buttons. I didn't have anything I liked at all. I spent more time looking for something to work than I really should have. I finally decided to just make some. At least temporarily I did some quick basketwoven threadworked ones. The loops are buttonhole stitched bars. I still need to do the two in the center, which is why its almost a muff. I have a jam packed day today though so it was either post it now or not post today.

I got about half a yard of lace made in the car, so that's plugging along. Probably won't get much done today with the family party and festivities, but I have found some really interesting info on the subject of my portrait and the accompanying portrait of her husband, so I'll probably share that tomorrow.

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