Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And we're off! I am apparently going in a diagonal.

This weekend is a bit crazy with my twins first birthday also happening to be Easter. We'll be driving down to my mom's and spending the weekend there. If I'm going to get anything done over the next week done its going to need to be portable. I thought about starting the embroidery for the breeches, but I really want to do that on my big floor frame rather than messing around with it in a hoop. So that left the chemise. As I said, I wasn't all that gung-ho about doing blackwork. For that matter, there wasn't any visible blackwork in Camilla's portrait. So, I went cruising through portraits and such again.

I'm really thrilled with all I'm learning about late Italian stuff. It's not my primary period of interest and research, but its really beautiful to look at and a big change from the Slavic things I normally dig into. It's nice to actually have resources and oodles and oodles of paintings to pick from. Looking at the extant camisias again finally made something click. No blackwork. Lace. The chevron insertions/cutwork are AMAZING on this. Just so pretty. It also sort of made me happy that the diagonal design in both the chemise lace and the breeches embroidery will unify them. I'm sold.

I spent early this morning fussing with a possible lace pattern and came up with the test piece pictured up in the corner. Its not quite right, but I think it has some of the same feel of the lace in the sleeves. I'll finish the edges of the camisia in sort of a scallop and then add the lace and do a bit of embroidery to make it all mesh together. Hopefully it'll give the effect of the punto tagliato while being infinitely faster. I need to get a smaller thread and work it more tightly, but I'm optimistic that once blocked and finished it'll look nice.

So, now I'm all ready with a mindless and mobile project for my long weekend. Hooray!

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