Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There's snow on my front lawn. Not a lot, but it stormed pretty badly yesterday. While it made for a pretty image with the lace and the snow on the grass (even if I can't take a decent picture so you don't get to see the great image,) I am done with snow.

Trying to think of something summery to do in protest of the weather. I'm considering making another fan. The one I made seems a bit sad. Not sure if its the handle or the the feathers, but it just doesn't seem as nifty as I'd hoped. Maybe real ostrich plumes would help, I'm not sure. I'm thinking I might try a flag fan style to see if I like that better. If not, I guess I need to buy some ostrich plumes and fuss with the handle a bit more and see if I can get it to something I like.

Lacemaking continues. Slowly. The hand sewing I did for the hankie sort of derailed my handwork time. I'll work on it more today.

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