Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Herald Beautification project and dental pain

I'm still trying to finish up a project due at the end of this month, where I'm making a full suit of clothes for my Kingdom's Principle Herald. He had no choice in the matter, I just got a wild hair and decided I needed to make more menswear. Artemisia is hosting the Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium, so making something for him came with a deadline (which is a necessity for me.)

 I've been stitching the lining in with my spare time, so not too much to see. I will probably be concentrating on it the rest of this week and next so I make faster progress which means less work on the Eleonora gown. Major construction of the doublet and Venetian trousers are done, I just need to stitch about half of the doublet lining in and put on the trim. I'm especially pleased with all the heraldic elements I am including. He has ermine in his device and I find the silver faux silk lining with embroidered spots to be reminiscent while not requiring me to carve and block print ermine spot on the lining, which was my original plan. I did blackwork cuffs for the shirt with elements from his device (dragons) and I'll probably show those tomorrow. I just need to get the cuffs and collar stitched on the shirt.

Today's other time suck was a visit to the dentist and a new crown. The pain in my jaw triggered a migraine so I really got very little done.  I've been curled up on the couch since about noon.

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