Friday, December 14, 2012

So what about the hobby horses?

Remember the 30 stick ponies and the dollies I spent way too much time cutting and sewing together?  And then I followed it up by getting sick and missing the event?  Yeah.  Well, I've been wanting to get some pictures of a complete stick pony from the event.  Unfortunately, every picture taken seems to have someone's child in it (go figure.)  Which is why this one was impossible to resist.  His Royal Majesty Khan Timmur IV of Artemisia with his stick pony and the paper dolls made in HRM's image in commemoration of his attendance at Toys for Tots by Lord Yamanuchi Eidou. Seems like the hobby horses were a hit.
Photo taken by Katie Fullmer    


  1. I didn't get a hobby horse and really wanted one...

  2. I have some extra sewn around here. I have a stick shortage so you'd have to provide your own though.