Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making stick horses and poppets

Anton Moller, Portrait of a Boy via
I'm currently assembly line sewing a bunch of fabric horse heads and dolls for children's activities at my Province's annual Toys for Tots event. Since we're short a youth officer right now, I decided to make the arts and science activities appropriate for all ages. So, we're decorating and stuffing hobby horse heads, customizing little dolls, making pinwheels, and stick horse jousting.

I really love making toys.  I used to have a business doing needlefelted and wet felted toys as well as soft sewn animals from wool felt, so this feels really familiar.

It always makes me smile to realize children of today, while they do have all the electronic choices and hunks of plastic, still enjoy playing with the very same toys our ancestors did.  Larsdatter has a collection of links to dolls and hobby horses and pinwheels and loads more that is a fun browse.

And just to show what I used to do, here's a few of my (rather old) creations.  A needlefelted Ent of Grandfather tree with cardinal and squirrel to play on his branches.  A selection of fall pincushions, and a hedgehog and his house under the leaves.


  1. Your hedgehog is adorable!

    At events my kids adored stick horses, their own faux mail and swords, pick-up sticks, ball and cup games (easy to make from an inexpensive wooden goblet, a length of cord and a stuffed fabric ball), large soft shuttlecocks (to be batted aloft by hands, not racquets, and pieces of rope (jumpropes, safe bases for tag, high-low games).

    Hero the Stick Horse is still luxuriating in post-kiddie retirement at my house: .

    All the best! -K.

  2. Hero is adorable Kim. I hope these project horses are even half as loved.