Sunday, November 11, 2012

Of rapiers and blackwork

Design for a hilt in blackwork. Dated 1619.  British Museum

I just realized last night that I don't have a current project.  I'm waiting for pictures of things I just finished to dribble in so I can babble about them, but there is nothing pressing on my plate.  Something is seriously wrong.

Conveniently, I got inspired. I've decided to make a white scarf for a gentleman in our Province who was just asked to join the Order of the White Scarf, Giovanni Il Ratto.  I don't know that he's the youngest, but he's certainly up there, being all of 20.  He's a second generation player, with his mama being one of the nicest human beings ever.  She's also a Dona-- (member of the order) herself.  Watching them duel with wooden spoons or pencils at the drop of a hat is always a source of a smile.

Giovanni also has a late period Italian persona.  He obviously needs something embroidered.  I'm sure he'll get several white scarves at his elevation, but you can never have enough accessories, right?  I want to do something custom.  Conveniently, I just took a class on blackwork design offered by Master Braden von Sobernheim at Kingdom Collegium.

Master Braden uses Visio for designing and charting.  I considered purchasing a copy, but then I remembered Kim Salazar had posted a series of tutorials on using Gimp for charting while she was doing the patterns for Ensamplario Atlantico, her collection of free blackwork fillings.  I'm rereading them now and am going to give it a shot.  Wish me luck!


  1. Feel free to send along questions. Establishing a base page can be fiddly, but once you've got one done to use as a template, the rest is easy. Come to think of it - I could share my base template pages. Let me know if you'd like to test them out. Best wishes for project success! -K. (SCA - Countess Ianthé d'Averoigne)

    1. I'd very much like to test them out. The tutorials are really helpful. I'm sure I'd be further along if "death crud" hadn't attacked me and my kids and we hadn't spent the weekend coughing up our insides.

  2. Templates are posted! Have fun with them when you're feeling better. -k.