Monday, October 8, 2012

Persona questions

I've been plugging along on the rose quartz zibellino as well as doing the standard October activities for costumers in the US: Halloween costumes. I'm making my husband and myself Steampunk(ish) outfits as well as doing a corset and bustle skirt for a friend, and working on things for my kids.  The Steampunk stuff has to be done for this weekend to attend a masquerade ball.  I'll get some pictures posted once they're done.  My friend Davey (who has done my IRCC wrap up pictures the last 2 years) is attending, so hopefully he'll get some nice ones.

In the meantime, I've been trying to squeeze in some non-sewing projects to give my brain something to do.  Since I recently changed my name and persona to Italian, I think this is the perfect time to start some fun research (not that I ever need an excuse to research.)  To help give my delvings some structure, I joined the Midland's Persona Challenge (no I do not live in the Midlands, but they were willing to take out of area visitors.)  They plan to post a series of questions on a topic every 2 weeks.  The first topic and questions were posted yesterday:

Midlands Personna Project- Question Set 1: Topic Current Local
1 What country do you live in? What part of the country?
2 Are there any maps from your area (from your time)
3 What is your capital?
3b. How far is it to the capital city? (in units of measure your persona would have used?)
4 Have you ever been there?
5 How did you get here?
6 What is the climate like?
7 What is the terrain like?
8 Who are the people who live in this place?
9 Who are the people who travel to or through here?
10 What is the largest road and where does it go?
11 The nearest church or cathedral?
12 Nearest waterway? Is it navigable and how?
I'm still trying to settle on whether I've been in Bologna and moved to Venice or am still in Bologna, so I'm going to need a few more days to think on things before I start writing.  Should be fun.

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  1. Wahooo! As a fellow SCAdian Italian (Venetian, naturally), I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)