Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is this too weird of an idea?

I was going to wait and do trim for the brown later, but I had a brainstorm.  I have a bit of this vintage bobbin lace.  What would happen if I dyed it either blue or copper and layered it with ribbons over a base of either a contrasting or coordinating color?  Would it look like embroidery?

I'm really, really tempted to try.  Especially since I don't see myself actually spending the time to do real embroidered trim for this sottana.   Am I completely up in the night?  Too theatrical?  Just plain wrong?


  1. You wouldn't spend the time to do actual embroidery? With all the other stuff you do spend time doing, that comes as a shock to me. I'm sorry, though, I can't give you any advice. I can't actually picture what you are proposing. Mabye if you really need emproidery, you can barter with someone who likes to do it? And then use the lace for something else.

    1. I like to embroider and will on many things, but this particular dress isn't that type of project.