Saturday, November 26, 2011

Calze/stockings are done

My little boys had me up early again, so I stitched up the stockings. I used Katerina's pattern and research at Purplefiles as my starting place last time and I really liked how well the draped pattern worked. I've had to darn my green stockings up near the toes because of the loose weave, but they are very comfortable and I love wearing them. I used a tighter weave of linen this time around and I tweaked the pattern a bit to fit a little more nicely through the calf and was able to trim about an eighth of an inch off the ankle as well. It fits much more smoothly. Plain white linen isn't as flashy as my silly green ones, but I'm glad I made a more classy pair. The welts are a purchased thick cotton lace that I purchased in a grab bag and had in stash. I just whipped stitched it to the tops of the stockings.

With the pattern already draped, this was such an easy project. I'm thinking I should just make up 3 or 4 pairs to have around. Going to have to wait until after new Year's however, no matter how fast I think it'll go.


  1. Oh, pretty!

    You are always so inspiring. I'm going to have to try making some hose.

  2. They really are so comfy. Not to mention surprisingly sexy for baggy ankled socks. I'm really loving all the lacis you've been posting an planning. Talk about inspirational!