Sunday, October 9, 2011

I think I've changed my mind

Maybe I shouldn't plan. I just seem to change my mind anyway. Between a tight budget, the kids' need for Halloween costumes and warm clothes, Christmas plans, etc, etc, I'm going to have to put the book on the back burner. I considered simplifying it again, but I'm really excited about how it would be if done right, so I'm going to leave it until I can give it the attention it deserves and focus on the ACC and my family instead. I think I'm going to do a set of bracelets like those the fabulous Aine blogged about here. My husband does chainmaille, so I've already got the equipment and I am pretty sure I have a couple of clasps that will work. I want a set anyway and its a low pressure sort of project.

So, while I keep plugging away at embroidery on the ubrus, I thought I'd do a "quick" project and do a purse for my Russian outfit. Instead of the pockets Italian women went for, Russian women wore either bags attached to the belt around the underlayer (they belted their smocks) or shoulder bags. They were worn under the upper layers and reached by slits in much the same way as a pocket. This 15th century example is located in the Novgorod Historical Museum. Seems sort of fun and rather modern, even if we're used to them being on the outside of an outfit. So, I thought I'd give the shoulder bag style a whirl. I wanted something a little fancy but it couldn't involve embroidery, so I went with this interesting leather cutwork applique and adapted it a bit. The original piece is 12th-14th century, also in the Novgorod museum, and on either a bag or comb case. I'm leaning toward the comb case idea myself since they tended to be really ornate. I wanted the krin heart to be a little more noticeable than in the original, so it is slightly larger proportionally, I also changed the shape a bit, making the design more vertical and less horizontal. I also added an extra flower/vine to make that work. The mock up in paper is the picture up top. I'm going to cut it out of the same red leather I used on my Italian slippers (its the background in the picture) so it will really pop. I haven't decided yet if this will be the flap of the purse or the back of the purse with the flap on the other side.

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