Friday, July 29, 2011

New camera is on its way!

Its supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm using its arrival as motivation to finish the partlet so I can get pictures of the earrings and everything else from the waist up. Assuming I crop the width since the sleeves aren't done. :) The undersleeve is cut though. I kept hoping I would find the perfect trim for the sleeves, but have decided to settle for the cold cord I pulled off the Christmas Ribbon back a month or so ago. It's what I've got latticing the balzo and I'm liking the antique gold color. Its subtle and nice, even if it did come off ribbon. In my defense, it was high quality ribbon.

I was going to slash the sleeves this afternoon, but I don't have new exacto-knife blades and I'm not sure how much I've used the current blade and don't want to risk it not being sharp enough. I'm also dithering about whether I should do false puffs in the slashes. I love the lace and batiste of my camisia, but it might not have the body necessary to pull through. It also might work better to have the false puffs with the baragoni since I want to do a tied on undersleeve. It looks to me like the baragoni have tabs on the bottom, where they cover the undersleeve. I suppose they could attach at that point, but I want to have the undersleeve attached directly to the bodice so I don't have to worry about gaps. With the overlap, its probably easier to not have to worry about pulling the smock through. I hope I have the sleeve sized correctly so I can move my arm once all that velvet is sitting on the shoulder. The mock-up worked fine, but I'm still worried about what will happen with my real fabrics, and you only wear a mock-up so long.

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