Friday, July 8, 2011

3 year olds and historic costuming do not mix

My son decided to help with my dress.  I'm rather heartbroken right now.  Hoping I can match the fabric and replace the panel, otherwise I guess I can use the fabric I have for sleeves, do non-matching sleeves and get creative with the guards.  Lots of work hand pleating and hemming both top and bottom just went down the drain.  I was so close to finishing the dress.  I was almost ready to move on to the sleeves. I give up for today.


  1. OMG! Hastings, I am so sorry!

    Nothing I can say will make this less devastating, but maybe when you recover your balance a little you could think about patching?

    (I know it is more than a little weird to *make* a mended dress, but accidents happened in period too.)

    You have all my deepest sympathies!

  2. Oh Praks, I'm so sorry. :( Is that child art vertical or horizontal? Vertical patches would hide very well amongst pleats. Non-matching sleeves can be very period, though I do hope you can find matching fabric in order to stay true to your original vision. I'm so sad for you. :(

  3. how much fabric do you have in the skirt? I remember you having an epic amount of red velvet, but if that's not the case then you might be able to make the overall skirt width a little narrower (I'm assuming a rectangle skirt here) and maybe cheat any lack-of-pleat to the center front (not quite like the portrait, maybe, but it's definitely in keeping with the general look of the period). Alternately patches can work very well, especially if it's in the back or sides where it's far less noticeable, and super especially if you have some scrap velvet to patch it with.

    Like Aurora said, it's hard to mend something that you haven't even worn yet (been there, done that with a hot iron and a wool that I thought could take it), but I'd think it's worth it to try, esp. if doing so means you still get to have the matching sleeves.

  4. The skirt is 5 panels (3 in front/sides and 2 in back) It's really full, 250" at the hem. I'm a really big girl and my waist measurement is around 50" so that's not as crazy as it sounds since I'm doing stacked pleats that have a 5:1 ratio. I can take out a panel and it won't be the end of the world. I can do regular knife pleats. I don't like the seam placement this way, however. I've calmed down a lot. Unlike how I usually buy fabric, this is a staple fabric, just a plain red cotton velvet so its going to be replaceable and not a terribly difficult fix. Just really frustrating. The kid did something similar to my blackwork coif when I was a few hours in and I had to start over, so its not the first time he's done this sort of thing. He seems to have radar for whatever it is that is most important to me. Just trying to push my buttons. I love him but he makes me so darn growly some days.