Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back to the chopines and a weekend with my lucet

Went down for a wedding this weekend (and had no internet access to speak of.)  I dropped in to my parents' house and my dad helped me with ideas on how to shape the chopines.  His first suggestion was a rasp-- which I had been using.  The second idea was a drum sander, which he didn't have, or a belt sander.  I already bought one of those and have been working with it, but it is slow going.  What we finally tried doing was using his table saw.  Huh?  Yeah, that was my reaction.

What he did was raise and lower the blade to different heights and take out channels of wood close to each other.  then we took a chisel and popped out the wood between the channels.  I seems to have worked pretty well for taking out large bits of material, and I'm much closer to the shape I want.  He did start the cuts too high on one while we tried to figure things out, so I'll be administering some putty, and the laminated wood cracked in one spot, so he sent me home with a large clamp and some wood glue to sort of inject into the crack and make sure it doesn't get work.  On the whole though, more progress was made in 2 hours than I've made in days of work to this point, so I'm really pleased.

I didn't get any other projects brought with me this weekend, but had the leftover gold crochet cotton from my stocking lace and veil edging in my bag, as well as some red weaving yarn.  I had a lucet in my purse (don't ask, I really couldn't tell you why.)  In my sitting around minutes I made about 7 yards of cord.  I think I'm going to use it for long drawstring ties and make one of the round tasseled bags that can be seen in some engravings dangling down close to the hem.  I'll babble about it more once I figure out the design and decide for sure if  I'm even going to make one for certain. 

So there we go, not much done this weekend, but the project does keep moving along.

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