Sunday, March 31, 2019

Getting started with IRCC 9

It's been awhile. I keep finding myself linking to old posts, so I decided it was time to get back to using this. As I'm playing in the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge again this year, it seemed an opportune time. I'm also planning on finally making the Margherita Paleologo dress that I've previously tried doing twice a before.  I blogged about that here. I figure if I keep blogging it is a continuation and I can call it a successfully finished UFO once it's done. Sewing starts at midnight and I may be just a little over excited. 

So, the plan:

Collared camicia: embroidered spot motifs, embroidered collar and cuffs, insertion stitches, buttons. I plan to carve a block to print the spot motifs and embroider over them.

Fuller style drawers: eyelets and cording

Corded petticoat: hand done eyelets, fingerloop cord to fasten.

Pink silk sottana:carve block and print the silk, woven trim for sleeves,  felt stiffened hem, handmade linen cardboard for stiffening, eyelets, braided lacing cord, buttons and button loops

Black velvet interlace over gown: faux strapwork, couching, eyelets, cord

Balzo: basket reed base, wire work rings, rose center brooch, flax seed goop for hair work

Outdoor veil: Gold dyed like the one in the back of the picture, probably either saffron or turmeric, pleating

Leather gloves: felt mockup,

Loop in loop chain belt with lapis rosary: fused copper rings, cast buckle, carved St. Catherine image, paternoster beads

Shoes and chopines: considering gilded shoes, building chopines

Stockings and garters: sprang garters, fitted linen stockings with embroidery