Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I've found I do better with a theme, so I'm going on pilgrimage.

Elephant on pilgrimage. Walters Art Museum
I've got a pile of projects both finished and in the works but I just haven't felt like I have that much to say. So, I'm going to try with the daily blogging again. That way if I have something nifty to say I'll say it. And if what I say isn't very entertaining, well, at least there's always the following day.

I'll do what I can to squeeze things into the pilgrimage theme. The first couple of posts shouldn't be too difficult. I'm starting things out by making a pilgrim's scrip. That is the name for the useful, roomy shoulder bag worn as an identifying symbol by those on pilgrimage. It gave them somewhere to stash their relics, food, and other general stuff. Seems like a really useful addition to my event gear.

I'm doing my own "virtual pilgrimage" as well, walking mileage and tracking it on a map. That'll both let me do some research on my persona and work on my fitness goals.

I'm starting out at the Basilica San Marco. The relics of Saint Mark were brought to Venice from Alexandria in the 9th Century, and his symbol of the winged lion became a symbol of the city. I'll head from there to the Basilica of Saint Antonio since it was one of the most popular local pilgrimages. Assisi, Rome, and Santiago de Compostela were also popular destinations for Venetian pilgrims.

Off to calculate mileage, pick some fabric and do some walking.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm writing an actual blog post-- honest. But first, I'm reveling in sale priced faux fur. My kids (and my husband) love the fur coverlet I made for Realm of Venus' Fabulously Fashionable Fur challenge. They love it so much I really don't get to use it much. I was wincing at the thought of putting out the money for fur to make them all their own, but Hancock's saved me today. They had all of their Spot the Dot clearance fabrics on sale for $3.27 a yard or less starting today. I showed up on their doorstep 3 minutes before they opened and conducted a Viking raid. The pillaging went well. I came home with about 75 yards of fur, wools and a random velvet for $220. My receipt informs me that I saved $1,272.30. . .

Blankets, coats, and such are now on the agenda for camping season with my kids.