Friday, January 26, 2018

Pocket gryphon pattern

I've been trying to come up with a cute (and easy) gryphon stuffed animal for awhile. Over the years I have tried doing a couple of flat styles and some overly complex versions, but nothing stuck I was looking for something that could be easily made for largesse. So, I pulled up one of the most popular stuffed patterns out there for SCA use and decided to adapt it since it had already proved to be able to do what I wanted. Lady Katsumi's dragon pattern is amazing. Having seen them turn up in many a largesse basket and seeing how fast they were snapped up, it seemed the logical starting place. My gryphon didn't have much in common by the time I was done, but you can definitely see where it started from. Gryphons need forepaws. ears, and eagle wings to be recognizable, so the pattern pieces aren't as straightforward as the dragon, but it is still easy to assemble. A scanned copy of my handdrawn pattern in pdf is here

 Just to give you an idea of what the pieces look like
Cut out the pattern pieces and trace them onto your felt.
Cut out your pattern pieces
First you will want to do the decorative work. I like to blanket stitch things, so have done all the stitching on this in that, with button thread. You could use embroidery floss if you prefer, but I have tons of black button thread to hand, so that's what I'm using (my gryphon is orange and grey rather than gold and black for the same reason-- those are the materials I had on hand.)

Just stitch the interior details of the tail. You will stitch the outer curve when putting the two body pieces together.

I have trimmed my grey wings to be slightly smaller. You don't need to, but I found that it made the wings cup and curve when I stitched them and I liked the effect.

Once the decorative stuff is done, put your two body pieces together. I start stitching at the top of the tail because I find it easiest to stuff the finished gryphon from the back
when you reach the bottom, you will insert the tummy piece by catching the point between the two body pieces.
start stitching the tummy piece to one body piece, go around the bottom leg, up around the foreleg and to where the point of the tummy meets the bottom of the beak.

Continue stitching the tummy onto the second body piece. Continue to base of the tail and finish off.

Go back up to beak and stitch the body pieces together until you reach the top of the beak.
 Insert the top of the head by catching it with a stitch at the top of the beak. 
Stitch top of head to one body piece and continue stitching around the ear until you reach the back of the head. Continue onto other body piece and end at front point of head piece. Finish off.

Leaving the back of the head and the upper back open, stuff gryphons ears and wings. You can add a little or a lot, it it will make the personality of your monster. Stuff the feet and forepaws firmly.

Stitch the back of the head closed and continue stuffing your gryphon. I like to use scrap fabric, felt, and other oorts I have hanging around, but wool, cotton, or fiberfill all work. 
Stitch the rest of the back closed and lay you wings along the spine.
Backstitch your wings onto the back of the gryphon.

Ta-da! You're done.