Monday, July 7, 2014

Secret projects

original art by Christie Ward
I've been being hopeless about daily posts. So this very uninformative post is just here to start building some momentum-- at least I hope it is. I have been doing lots of sewing, but it is lots of sewing that I can't post pictures of for awhile. I always hate that. Love making the things-- hate having to try to hush up about them.

It was a group project. My friends and I tend to go by the moniker "The Ladies of Doom" these days. It started as a joke name added to a Facebook chat and has stuck to the point that I'm in the process of registering a heraldic badge for our use. If it passes, it will be this harpy colored vair (a heraldic fur that is alternately blue and white/silver.)

Anyway, the dress I've been working on for the last couple of weeks was finished last night, so I can start on projects that I can hopefully post about.

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