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Modelbuchs and where to find them

I'm supposed to be doing 25 other things that include quilting, couching, felling seams, writing a research paper, cleaning my sewing room, making jewelry, felting a rug, and making my kids and I all have a reasonable summer with no one going stir crazy. Instead, I'm looking at modelbuchs. Again. I found a couple of new to me ones so I thought I'd put together a list of where to find them so it was handy. (I have not included all the links if there were multiple places and editions to be found unless an edition was significantly different.)

I need to add a few more that I know location on, but I had so many tabs open, I decided to publish this before I lost track of too many things. I need to finish adding Lotz numbers as well (Lotz is the standard bibliography and with all the confusion it helps at least a little to keep things straight.)

First up, the easiest to get to: free online pdf's and ebooks

Ein Neu Modelbuch Johann Schonsberger 1524 Link is to my Pinterest board with links to individual pages

(4) Ce est ung tractat de la noble art de leguille ascavoir ouvraiges de spaigne Willem Vorsterman 1527. This is a copy of Peter Quental's Eyn New Kunstlich Boich. Link is to the Met's copy. I also have the individual pages pinned on their own board on Pinterest.

Ein new getruckt Model Büchli Johann Schonsberger 1529

(13) Modelbuch aller art Nehewercks un Strickens. Christian Engenulf 1527

(116) Corona delle Nobili e Virtuous Donne Cesere Vecellio 1592 The Smithsonian's copy of a German version is cleaner and located here

(32) Schon Neues Modelbuch Johann Siebmacher published 1597. Hathitrust has it and it is available for free pdf download of either individual pages or the whole book. This one can also be found at recharted as "Needlework Patterns from Renaissance Germany" and available as a free pdf

(33) Neues Modelbuch Johann Siebmacher published 1603.  Again at the Hathitrust for free and Dover published this as "Baroque Charted Designs for Needlework."

Ein Ney Formbuchlein 1534 Johan Swartzenberger  (This one is available in reprint from Lacis as Patterns Book of Embroidery:1534) Link is to my board of links to individual pages in the Kunstbibliothek copy.

Opera Nova Universali  Giovanni Vavassore published 1530 First link is to a version at Gallica. The second is a cleaned up copy at Flowers of the Needle This one is rather random. It is early enough that it is embroidery. There is a beautiful calligraphy alphabet at the end as well as some drawings of a variety of animals.

This is another one listed as Vavassore's Opera noua uniuersal inttlata cotona di racammi, but it looks nothing like the other.  I need to investigate further, but meanwhile, here's the link to a gorgeous book 

Vorglagen fur Nadelarbeiten Giovan Battista Ciotti  1591

(85) L'Honesto Essemplario Mattio Pagan 1550 This one is the Archive link to a scan of the one in the Clark Institute library. Counted work, some fabulous shaped necklines and a variety of mermaids and sirens and acorns.

This link is a different edition of Pagan. The Hathi trust has pages scanned from the New York Public Library's copy of Ferdinando Ongina's late 19th century facsimile reprint. Has some different patterns than the Clark version. You can read it entirely online, download individual pages in PDF or download the entire PDF if you have a login.

(80) Giardinetto Novo di Punti Tagliati 1550 Matthio Pagan Scanned from the 1921 reprint. There's a scan at The University of Arizona's Weaving page.

(88) Patrons pour brodeurs  1554, Iehan Ruelle (Paris)

(96) La Vera Perfezione del Disegno Per Punti e Ricami  Giovanni Ostaus, published 1561 and 1567 Facsimile copy produced 1909. Several webbed versions (one of the easier ones to find) The Ricci facsimile version includes both versions, which are very different versions. Flowers of the Needle has both published separately. This one is sort of a buffet. There are patterns for cutwork (tagliate), couched cords, counted threads, engraved scenes for tapestries, surface embroidery. Really a mixed bag of just about everything between the two books. The Smithsonian's version is here. 

(72) Il Burato Alessandro Paganino facsimile copy produced in 1909. There is a version of this at the Internet Archive as well as the University of Arizona's Weaving page (they downloaded it from Archive)

Formbuchlein Hans Hofer Published 1545. Facsimile copy produced 1913. This is available at the Hathi Trust. You can read it in full online and download pdf of individual pages. A pdf of the full book requires a partner log in. Linn Skinner also produced a book with 25 of the bands reproduced and charted, but the Skinner Sister's site is down since her death in 2012 and I haven't found any place that carries them.

(no Lotz number)  Pattern Book  Rudolph Weissenbach Published 1549 Swirling Moresques and interlace. Includes some of Peter Flotner's designs for daggers and sheaths with grotesques.

Nouveaux pourtraicts de pointe coupé et dantelles en petite, moyenne et grande forme. Nouvellement inventez et mis en lumière Jacques Foillet published1598, Facsimile 1891 retitled Das Musterbuch

(40) Schon Neues Modelbuch Georg Beatus Published 1601.

(139) Ghirlanda di sei uaghi fiori scielti da piu famosi giardini d'Italia   Pietro Tozzi  published 1598
This one is lace patterns as frames for calligraphy. Lace patterns begin on page 24 of 70

(110) I Singolari e Nuovi Desegni  Federico Vinciolo published 1609.  Dover has an inexpensive copy of this in print. It is probably the most available of the modelbuchs. Several different online scans as well. It was the first modelbuch I ever saw and owned. Smithsonian version is here.

(55) Neues Modelbuch Andreas Bretschneider published 1619, facsimile copy produced 1892. The designs are beautiful and obviously 17th century with flowing lines and florals. The designs are also drawn to the shape of garments (nightcaps, cloaks etc.)

(27) New Kunstliches Modelbuch Bernhard Jobin 1589

(59, 60, 61, 62) Neues Modelbuch Dritter Thiel  1666 (1-4) 4 different books scanned from a copy where they are all bound together. 1 (1689) and 2 (1666) 3 (1676) and number 4 (1676) Published by Paulus Furst and designed by his daughter Rosina Helena Furst.  For just number 4: Neues Modelbuch by Rosina Furst. There are other links with other combinations of the 4 configured in different ways at Archive and U of A as well as others. Lacis has the 4 of these available as reprints of the facsimiles printed in the 18th century titled Alle Meine Blumen.

Du Debvoir des Filles by Jean Baptiste de Glen 1597 Lace patterns in an instruction book for young girls on morality and proper behavior. Link is to my Pinterest board with direct links to archived pages from the Beinecke Library's exhibition "My Gracious Silence,"

A Booke of Curious and Strange Inventions William Barley 1596

(143) Teatra di Nobili et Virtuose Donne Elizabetta Catenea Parasole 1604 (Second part of book)

(132) Specchio delle Virtuous Donne  Elizabetta Catanea Parasole 1594 (Click picture and it will open a reader with all of the book)

Le Fleur de la science de pourtraicture Francesco di Pellegrino 1530

Nuw Modelbuch, allerley Gattungen Dantelschnur  1561 by Christopher Froschower in Zurich. This is entirely bobbin lace patterns. The author is known only as "R.M." but is a lacemaker who has taught for 12 years and includes what she knows of the history of lace in the forward. This was republished in 1986 by Claire Burkhard as "Fascinating Bobbin Lace." Burkhard translated it into 3 languages (French, German, and English) and included modern prickings for the laces. It is out of print and basically impossible to find.

(45) Schon Neues Modelbook Sigismund Latomus 1622

Sigismund Latomus earlier edition 1606

(100) Le Pompe

(69) Opera Nova  Domenico de Sera 1546  This is the Hathitrust scanned copy of the 1879 facsimile by Ongania. There is also a version at Flowers of the Needle

Ensamplario Nuovo Giovanni Tagliente 1531, Flowers of the Needle version

New Modelbuch Georg Straub 1593

Gli Universali Del Belli Recami Niccolo Zoppino 1537, Flowers of the Needle

Vasi desegni de Merletti Bartolomeo Danieli The link is to my Pinterest board with direct links to individual pages.

Hippolyte Cocheris published a combination of modelbuchs (and Lacis has a reprint version) in 1872 that is a reprint of
(75) Claude Nourry's 1533 La Fleur des Patrones de Lingerie
 (76) Pierre de Sainte Lucie's 1549 La fleur des patrons de lingerie à deux endroits, à point croisé, à point couché et à point piqué
(77) Troveon, Patrons de Diverses Manieres (after 1533)  
(78) Antoine Belin, Sensuyvent les patrons de messire Antoine Belin 1550

Neues Blumenbuch by Maria Sybilla Marian 1674
part 2 and 3 of Neues Blumenbuch 1677 and 1680  Marian was an incredibly talented engraver and botanical artist. Her father was an engraver and publisher and her step-father a talented still life artist. In order to help support her family she taught embroidery as well and did the first book as a text for her students. She went on to publish a well respected book on the metamorphosis of the butterfly and is considered an early contributor to the science of entomology.

Trevelyon Miscellany Thomas Trevilian, 1608 Facsimile copy produced 2007. This is not actually a modelbook, but a commonplace book with bits of almanacs, alphabets, calendars, proverbs, and anything else the compiler felt like shoving into it. It wasn't published for people at large like the modelbuchs. There are 3 copies in existance (the most recent was located in 2013) Section 4 of 5  is embroidery and lace designs including coifs, nightcaps, borders, spot motifs, etc. The link takes you to Luna at the Folger where you can see and print individual pages.


Esamplario Di Lavore Giovanni Vavassore published 1532. There was a facsimile published in 1910. I haven't found an online scan yet, but you can sometimes find copies.  The Met does have one page for view online

Both Vavassore, both Ostaus, Vinciolo and Paganino's Il Burato (the books published by Elisa Ricci in the early 20th century) are collected under the title Disegni per merletti e ricami. Libri di modelli del XVI secolo. It is available directly from booksellers in Italy for about $40. While most of these have online scans (except the Esamplario above that I haven't found yet,) having a hard copy collection (and not having to buy more printer ink so I could print from the scans) is rather nice.

A Scholehouse for the Needle Richard Schorleyker published 1632 Facsimile copy produced 1998. The Facsimile is from a much more complete copy than most others and well worth getting, especially since the spot motifs that are my favorite part of this aren't anywhere else (except one page) You can see several pages archived here. The 1998 edition is available at Hedgehog Handworks for just under $70 as well as a large selection of other places specializing in period embroidery supplies.

Not a particular modelbuch, but this digital book is a selection of patterns redrawn from pieces in the Leiperheide collection and published in 1882. Part of it was translated and is available as "Old Italian Patterns for Linen Embroidery" By Kathleen Epstein

Both collections published by Frieda Leiperheide are now available digitally from the Smithsonian here.

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