Monday, December 23, 2013

Dominico's Award of Arms belt

One of my friends was getting his Award of Arms. An award of arms is the first level of award in the SCa. It is what lets you stop being called m'Lord or m'Lady and become a Lord or Lady with the right to bear heraldic arms. Your device become a Coat of Arms. In Artemisia, unlike many other SCA kingdoms, we don't wear circlets. Instead, we receive an "A". If you take a look at His Majesties neck in the picture, you can see a chain of estate made of A's. Each bearer of arms in Artemisia holds an A of the same type as in the Kingdom Chains of Estate. A custom that has also cropped up is the receiving of a belt to hold a knife that you are now allowed to carry in the royal presence. (Yes, the SCA is an odd place with unusual customs. But we're having fun :) )

Often the belt is rather generic and pulled from the stock of the kingdom. Mine was purchased by my Province and was a plain leather belt blank. Other times if someone is given enough notice they will make of purchase something a little more individual. I previously made a pleatwork apron for a cooking friend who was getting her AoA. Dominico is the husband of my friend Maysun. They tend to dress in two extremes brought on by the exciting place that is Venice. Maysun's persona is Persian. Dominico is Italian. Since he has two different styles of dress that are worn about equally, our household decided he needed two belts. I was tasked with making the Persian one.

Dominico is a pretty plain person, so I tried not to get carried  away since I wanted him to like wearing his belt. The belt is brown linen brocade backed and self bound with brown silk. I wanted to put on tassels, because everything is better with tassels. but they weren't appropriate for Persian style. I did add some jewelry findings to vaguely represent belt plaques, and a few pearls.

I wasn't able to attend the event where this was presented, but I heard that it was well received.
Speaking of SCA awards, I recently received my White Lark from the Barony of Loch Salaan and induction into their Labouring Artists Recognition Company. I felt very honored, especially as I am not part of the barony, so this is my first baronial award. Baroness Jennet displayed the fan I made her last year while explaining why I was receiving the award. She's carried it rather prominently since I finished it. Getting to know your work is appreciated by seeing it cherished by the recipients is worth all the time put into it. And getting a shiny is rather fun too.

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