Friday, December 20, 2013

And now for some overwhelming cuteness

This is Fia's little boy pushing cuteness into overdrive. Honestly, I don't think anyone cares one iota what he's wearing what with the 1,000 watt smile. He does, however, show just how awesome wearing trunkhose can be. I don't have any pictures (yet, I hope yet) of him in the full outfit, but with hose, a shirt, and hat he cut quite the dashing figure at Solstice Court. His mama was more than a little worried she'd be outshone.

Scraps from his mom's dress serve as the lining, underlayer for the trunk hose and part of the trim. I had a random piece of brow/gold fabric that matched the contrast on Fia's dress and makes his jerkin and the panes for the trunkhose. The trim is just more of the metallic yarn trim I made couched down.

I just made up the pattern on the fly, laying down one of my son's shirts and cutting a vest following the shape.  I added some shoulder wings, a collar, and some skirts and called it good. Sewing for little people with no actual shape has some advantages when it comes to reckless disregard for fitting. I had planned  to put on some  little heart clasps to hold the jerkin closed, but turned that over to Fia. She got them in place for Solstice and I think it carries the heart motif over nicely into his suit.
The trunkhose are a base of canvas cut into a basic pant pattern. I only cut them knee length and then did an overlay of the blue satin. rather than do a two part hose with attached canion, I simulated the effect by putting on a band of the brown fabric to cover the bottom of the panes. There is an elastic waistband for quick diaper changes.
The hat was done using Missa's floppy brimmed pleated hat tutorial. It has a felt inner and more of the blue satin as the outer. I embellished with bronze and black ostrich feathers and a random feather pick I got on clearance. Because every little boy needs a jaunty cap.