Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pad stitching

Progress around here is about as exciting as it looks. I'm on hour umpteen of the embroidery and about the same on the padstitching for my new bodice.

As I really can't justify in any historical way the boning I've been putting into my bodices, I'm trying something new.  My super pudgy body that has gone through 3 pregnancies (one of them twins) and the bustline that reflects having fed all 4 of those children doesn't really think this is the best idea. I figure I have to give it a shot however, just to say I tried.

Last weekend I wore my brown sottana. It is a self boned open front that was intended to be worn with a corset. I have dropped a couple of pounds since I made it and wanted to see how the V would work on me without a corset.
Photo by Laura Davis

It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't terrible either. My bust stayed up pretty well.  The largest issue I had was that the dress only has one set of lacing rings and it pulls the lining out. There's a possibility if I put in eyelets and lace that way that the problem will be solved. I certainly can't wear it as open as I originally intended it to be, but it seems like it can be a totally serviceable dress. And it gives me at least a little hope for how the open front will work without boning.

I, once again, want to wail about loads of handwork hidden from the light of day. It makes me grumpy to do stuff I can't brag about. I'm stitching through 2 layers of canvas and a layer of wool felt to make the inside stiffening that will then be sandwiched between fashion fabric and lining. It is certainly creating some texture. I think it is having some effect. At the very least, I feel like it is making the shoulder straps sit better.

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