Monday, August 5, 2013

50 seems like a nice round number

I still have loads to do on the mermaid bands for the camicia neck and cuffs, but they are coming along.  I have about fifty hours in to them at this point. I still have about a gryphon and a half to go with the backstich in the purple silk. Then there are four mermaids to do in the green silk. Then I've got to do some satin stitch and couching in gold. I have absolutely no idea how much more time it is going to take. I played with the gold on one cuff just a little in order to decide on whether to plan for gold, but I am nowhere near finished with what I want to put in. I'll probably put some gold on the centers of the mermaid tails and maybe some in their hair. The design looks a bit bare and I think it needs some bands on the edge, but there's not enough space on the linen strips, so those will need to be worked once they are attached.  It probably needs some lace as well.


  1. WOW! Your embroidery is amazing! I can't wait to see the finished product.
    What I am making, I am cheating with the embroidery- I found a gorgeous fabric that I am just absolutely in love with- this challenge is giving me a reason to get to use it- it has beautiful embroidery already on it. I wish I had the patience to pull off what you are doing- truly lovely!