Thursday, March 22, 2012

Immersed in doll research, but the IRCC is at the back of my brain.

I'll post again soon, I swear. Right now I've got just over a week until the event I'm stewarding happens and I'm trying not to be overwhelmed by that. AS soon as that is over (March 31) I have to prep for the 3 classes I'm teaching at Southern Regional/Spring Collegium on April 14th. Bella just announced the IRCC will start the next day on the 15th of April. My first month is going to be a little hairy, because I've still got a ways to go to have my entries for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship on May 5th. Whew-- it's going to be quite a ride.

I do plan to start posting with some information on my classes and my projects for Kingdom A&S and of course IRCC progress. Here's my class topics
1)Poetry and Pageantry: The Tournament Impresa

A type of heraldry that came to the forefront in the 14th century, imprese were suited to the occasion. Composed of a "body" and a "soul," tournament impresa was about the interaction between symbol and verse. They add flourish and ceremony to any heraldic display. We'll survey some used in period and learn how to create our own.

2)Perfectly Period Applique

Applique was perhaps the most prevalent type of textile decoration in period. It was quick and easy. We'll learn how applique in period differs from modern quilting techniques and do some hands on work. No turned under edges, no satin stitch, but lots of convenience.

3) Research Techniques for Using Portraits for Clothing Design

That about sums it up.

I have a tournament shirld in the works and some applique projects I need to get pictures of and I'll start babbling about them soon.

My plan for Kingdom A&S is loosely centered around maternity and childhood. Championship requires that you enter a minimum of 5 entries in at least 3 different categories. I hope to finish my loose gown and enter it as maternity clothing, I have 2 different types of dolls I'm just finishing documentation for, I've got some teething corals (rattles) and a wolf's tooth teething necklace in the works as well. I'm putting the finishing touches on a research paper on the history of the podalic version obstetrical maneuver (yes, I am very odd in my interests,) and then I'm going to enter some of my chardequince since it is technically a medicine for upset stomach sometimes given to children and the ill.

Hope to have something nifty to see and fun to read to offer up to y'all by the weekend. Assuming I'm not still buried under site tokens. . .


  1. Hey Praks, double check your rules. I think it's only three entries in each category.
    I could be wrong though, I haven't actually entered an A&S since the "great lined garb" argument 12 years ago. Judged A&S yes but entered probably never again.

  2. Double checked, and I did enter Kingdom not last year, but the year before. You must have at least 5 entries. You cannot enter more than 8. Scores are averaged. You must enter at least 3 separate grand categories but a single item may compete in more than one category.

  3. Dare I ask what the "great lined garb" argument was? Probably not. If it's kept you from competing this long it's far too bad. I like competing since it gives me deadlines. That's honestly the only reason I do it. As I have been a judge, I know judging is totally subjective and often the judges don't know anything at all, so I try to just let it slide off my back if it is bad and take the good stuff with a grain of salt. I love judging because of all the things I learn.