Tuesday, February 7, 2012

16th century Steampunk- sorta

I've been looking around at the various types of pomanders as I'm determined to make one. Right now it will probably be more the Mary Rose carved wood type since that's manageable for me as opposed to the crazy jewelry types. Granted the Mary Rose one is more a masculine style, but one step at a time I suppose.

Meanwhile, I found this little cutie at the V&A. It is not, in fact, a pomander. it is a handwarmer. Reading the description, you find out that it had a little lamp inside on gimbals so it could be rolled around inside a muff or whatever and remain upright. How cool is that! I wish I had some idea of what the inside looks like. Regardless, my brain is percolating with the idea. My math and science geek husband is also intrigued. I love the clockwork quirkiness of it. And its brass. Stick a gear on the outside and its TOTALLY Steamy, right?

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  1. Oh! I used to have a set of wrought iron 'ships lanterns' that were probably much like the workings of this ball.

    Mine was a small flat iron cup, just sized to receive a tea light candle, which pivoted in a ring of iron (via an attachment on two opposite sides), which pivoted within another iron ring (via attachment points at the 1/4 & 3/4 points, compared to the first ring's 1/2's). This assemblege of rings with alternating attachment points went on for four or five iterations before connecting to the outer ball-shaped shell.

    Very cool and I could roll it around the yard while it was lit!