Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trying to catch my portfolio up. Populace badge set

 This was a simple set done in light linen with wool applique trim. Artemisia had recently passed their official populace badge through the College of Heralds and I wanted to display it. It was also a great way to incorporate heraldry into outfits to be worn by a ruling King and Queen that they could wear after they stepped down as anyone may wear the populace badge. I alternated them with the A of Artemisia. You'll notice that the collars of estate around their necks are composed of A's. All of our armingers (Lords and Ladies given an award of arms) are given an A at that time. Other Kingdoms usually get a circlet to wear on their head, but we don't do that. So wearing A's is a big deal in Artemisia. 

I admit to being a grumpy seamstress who is frustrated by my Kingdom's lack of diverse symbols. Our arms have gryphons and that's the entirety of the symbols. We don't have an official motto or a secondary badge. We use gryphons and black and gold. So I threw the A in just to have an extra symbol to use.

This was sort of a field/camp garb set, so while I did flat fell all the seams and it is sewn by hand, I felt okay about using my embroidery machine to do the populace badge and A's. They are sewn onto black wool felt and then appliqued into place with a blanket stitch done by hand. The appliqued collars and bands are also finished with a blanket stitch. 

I didn't have a lot of time for any of the clothes I did for Ronan and Clare's reign, having really short notice and I was not near them as we live 5+ hours apart. For that reason, I didn't do complicated shapes or fitting, this is the easiest tunic shape ever. I saved all the bells and whistles for embellishments.

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