Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cranach gown

So, as usual, I didn't make what I was going to make. But I did get something done, so there's an improvement. I got 2 hats, a caul, a dress, a shirt, a necklace, a pair of plunderhosen, and a leather vest made in time for Solstice. The vest did not get worn. The leather had a strange texture and didn't move well and was uncomfortable for my husband to wear.

This was my first attempt ever at German. It was definitely a learning experience. I will get some details on how I made things-- and the things that I made one way and need to change up (like the brustfleck and my husband's hat. . . ) but for now, here are pictures of their state of wearable on Dec 12th. I'm doing the mending and fixing of things so I can rewear mine with improvements for 12th Night.  The brustfleck needs a lot better shaping and more embroidery. I need to padstitch my collar for better shaping. I've got to tack down the edged of the silk guards. Something has got to be done about the lacing as well. But I have a serious love affair with my new hat and the color of the stamped velveteen is fantastic so something went well.

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