Friday, October 23, 2015

Yup, this is still a good idea

I was going through pinned images I've been hoarding in anticipation of this build. Some of the best are from King Studios version. I don't agree with everything (they call it Isabella d'Este's dress) and I don't have all their resources, but seeing all the work they have into it is astounding. Right now the website is being finicky, so I'm posting a link to the cached version. King Studio  Also of interest is their documentation page. King Studio documentation

The thing that was most helpful to me was their drawing of the knotwork.  Nice even intertwined V's
Seeing it all out like that in an organized manner somehow makes it easier to contemplate couching the cord and cutting it out. It also helped me realize that my original thought (like 4 years ago) that I could cut strips and trim them and then weave them into the pattern just wasn't going to work. This is a faux strapwork, not an actual one.  Even better is looking at close-ups and seeing the scale of the knots. Two V's across the bodice isn't actually that bad. They are pretty large and cover space nicely. The only problem I am having is that I want to start the dress now and the size of the knot is going to need to be based on the size of the bodice. I am in a size flux after having a gastric bypass so I'm going to need to guess wildly what size I will be after I finish losing weight. I was thinking I wouldn't need to size the bodice for awhile because I could work on sleeves and the skirt.  Ah well, it won't be the end of the world if I miscalculate a little.

I ordered paint this morning for my silk. I know a lot of block printers in the SCA use regular acrylic or house paint, but I'm an ink snob and am deeply in love with Versatex screenprinting ink. It is more expensive than the other alternatives, but it is also lighter on the fabric and stays soft while still being a nice thick consistency that is a dream to paint with.  It holds up to washing and wear wonderfully. I shifted to it after having other whites flake off and ruin things and I wont go back to the inferior stuff. I ordered their pinks to see what colors are going to work on my gold silk. They don't have too many options in that color range, so I'm only cautiously hopeful. With the amount of fabric I need to cover I really hope to not have to custom mix color.

Yes, I just admitted to using totally non-period pigments. There was no mention of painting madder or anything. That's right. That is what I'm doing. Most people just buy fabric. I'm going to be okay with handpainting mine using modern chemicals. I have used carbon to make lampblack ink to print fabric with and that is going to be as far as I go. I don't want to try for a pink.

My gold cord is also going to be fake. :)

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