Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Largess from Artemisia's 1/2 Dozen Derby

I'm packing up the first of the largess donated to Artemisia's Half Dozen Donation Derby held at 12th Night in Gryphon's Lair and I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank the artisan's once again on behalf of Their Majesties and brag a bit on our artisans.  This gift bag is being given to Her Majesty of the Outlands, along with 3 similar ones for several of Her Baronages that will be attending Candlemas.

The wool haversack contains a boozenberries made by Mistress Casamira Jawjalny, Hippocras powder ground by Dame Meraud de Belle Fleures, mustard by Mistress Casamira, a handsome map of Artemisia, a lovely bookmark made in bobbin lace by Mistress Rebecca of Chadderton as well as a blackwork bookmark made by her hand.  Lad Malatesta Simonetti donated exotic spices such as grains of paradise and long pepper in convenient travel tins, Mistress Aurora du Portugal mixed up a savory salt of lavender grown in her own garden. The handmade box was provided by someone in Barony of Thousand Eyes (but I do not have a name) and Angela Seuestere, also from 1000 Eyes sent some tasty looking jams in mango and chocolate plum.  Sir Robert de Spencer fashioned the throwing spear, and I included some extra bits of embroidery to fill out the bag.

The generosity of Artemisia is humbling to see.  This is only the smallest beginnings, as I have other bags being packed for Talon and Crescent War next month. Thank You all for making the Dream shine brightly.

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