Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm writing an actual blog post-- honest. But first, I'm reveling in sale priced faux fur. My kids (and my husband) love the fur coverlet I made for Realm of Venus' Fabulously Fashionable Fur challenge. They love it so much I really don't get to use it much. I was wincing at the thought of putting out the money for fur to make them all their own, but Hancock's saved me today. They had all of their Spot the Dot clearance fabrics on sale for $3.27 a yard or less starting today. I showed up on their doorstep 3 minutes before they opened and conducted a Viking raid. The pillaging went well. I came home with about 75 yards of fur, wools and a random velvet for $220. My receipt informs me that I saved $1,272.30. . .

Blankets, coats, and such are now on the agenda for camping season with my kids.

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