Thursday, January 23, 2014

Waistcoat picture.

Some obvious places to tweak on this, but I still thought it was fun to wear. I'm in the process of weight loss, so I'm down about 15 pounds since this was taken and the front fits a great deal better since the corset also fits better. I made it a bit too large and then removed a section on the sides which made it a bit too small. The too tight corset in turn gave me too much cleavage. I don't normally try for waist reduction but I got a bit. That then made the waist of my petticoat too loose. The bodies issue should be completely solved in another month as I'm on track to lose another 20 pounds which should make the bodies loose and take any strain off the front of the jacket as it tries to close. I might take the ribbons off and just pin it closed at that point. I'm definitely taking the waistband off the skirt and taking it in. It's so difficult trying to sew for size fluctuations, which is another reason I wanted to make some separates right now.

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  1. What you have now is beautiful! As I have lost weight in the past I made a marking inside a seam or elsewhere that only I knew about, a secret 'tag' to remind myself of how far of I have come. I can't wait to see your beautiful gown finished for coronation. Hopefully I will also have something ready as well. Good goals I think!