Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Gauntlet

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition is in just over 89 days.  Between now and then, I've got a couple of other projects to finish up, a Collegium to help run, and basically every weekend already has a commitment on it.  Guess I better get cracking.

So here's my challenge to myself.  I haven't entered since the year the twins were born.  They turn 3 this year. I've missed 3 years running.  I can't let a fourth go by. I will enter this year.

Looking at what I feel like I can manage is sort of sad, to tell you the truth, but I think I've figured out what my entries are going to be. Since I'm going for it, I'm trying for champion (not that I have a snowball's chance. . .) but I don't qualify to enter in the novice category since I have previously entered, so whole hog it is.  Kingdom requirements stipulate 5-8 entries in a minimum of 3 different grand categories.  Being well rounded is a good thing.  All entries are averaged for the final score.  I'm never sure if that is a good or a bad thing for submitting more than 5.  I guess if they are all equally solid, a good entry in a category where the judges were being generous might make up for an entry in a category that was judged a little more harshly.  Who knows.

My list of what I'm submitting has more than 5 things on it just so I can drop something if it goes south and not be back at square one.  Unfortunately, I don't have a single thing that is ready to go, but I think I have solid research on several items and some trial pieces and rough drafts, so I'll use the next 3 months to pull it all together.

Here's the list:

Research paper on the use of podalic version in the delivery of footling breeches.  The maneuver was first introduced by Soranus of Ephesus in the 2nd century AD and revived by Ambroise Pare in a treatise in 1549. It is almost never used modernly, at least not in singleton births.  It was used in the delivery of my daughter who was the second twin born in my last delivery.  The antiquity of the procedure that was used on me fascinated me so I dug and discovered. The paper is obviously colored by my own experience. I hope other people find it as interesting as I do, but there's always the possibility they'll just think it's icky and weird.

Silk patchwork cushion based on the Imprunetta cushion, an extant piece of patchwork dated before 1477.  I've been saving silk scraps for this for quite awhile and have done a couple of cotton mockups.  I was lucky enough to win a big envelope of silk taffeta scraps/samples from Trisha at Thistle Threads.  I've been following her blog ever since I discovered the Plimoth Jacket and really, really wish I was up for the challenge of stitching a stumpwork cabinet.  As it is I just have to drool at her blog.  She's been cleaning out her closets as she prepares to move and doing giveaways. The envelope of silks has convinced me that the timing is perfect to stop planning and just make the darn cushion.

A pair of Italian gloves.  I got the felt  mockups done last year on the same day KA&S is (May 4th.) The pattern is sized and I like the fit.  I've made a couple of disastrous pairs of leather gloves. Third time's the charm maybe?

 Another attempt at a tournament shield.  I like a lot of things about the last one and I think it will be part of the display, but there are some things I want to do a better job with.

A woodblock print of the full impresa complete with verse. I'm looking forward to this.  I've really researched imprese, but think doing one is a better demonstration than a research paper.  I did publish a newsletter article on the subject awhile back and considered writing something more along those lines. I enjoy carving though and poetry is a part of my persona, so the block print should be a great way to demonstrate how imprese work.  I just need to make sure I don't get too longwinded with the documentation since I tend to babble on the subject.

The rose quartz zibellino is going to be entered as well.  I need to polish him up a bit more and I want to re-do the halter and drop.  I need to decide if I'm going to enter it in carving or as a piece of jewelry.

Okay, so I've written this up and made it public so people can poke at me if I don't get anything done and try to avoid the event.  Let the countdown begin.

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