Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pictures of me in my underwear

Underwear is almost done! I have given up on getting the knitted stockings done in time, so I'm going to make a quick pair of linen ones and I need to finish up my camicia, but I'm getting close to being able to start the dress. I'm so excited!

For still unknown reasons possibly having something to do with recent weight loss and my general squishiness, the corset came out far too big. I trimmed off  6 tabs total and reassembled it and it is much closer now, but could probably stand to be taken in more. Right now it is super duper comfortable and I'm thinking I might want it a bit tighter. Especially since I'm losing weight right now and don't plan to wear the dress until December.

I made quite a few adjustments from the Effigy stays. I moved the seams to the sides since my body couldn't take the extreme shaping from the back seams. I also cut the back low instead of the high racer back of the Elizabethan bodies in order to work with the low back of the Venetian style. The long straps curve around to sit on the bottom of the shoulder. I know many people solve this problem by doing away with straps altogether, but I felt I needed the support. They're pretty much where I want them to be, but a little more fussing might be necessary after I saw what happened when I turned to show the back.

I'm really happy with how the petticoat turned out. It is flame orange dupioni silk lined in dark peach linen. The guards are the same canvas used in the corset, and they are edged in red grosgrain ribbon to echo the pigskin binding on the bodies.  Vecellio mentions farthingales being used in Italy in the 1590's and I did consider making one since the dress is such a late period style. I also had planned to do rope or wool felt in the hem at the very least. After I got the guards on, however, I decided the 5 rows of canvas and 10 rows of ribbon had given me enough stiffening. Additionally, I'm thinking about making matching sleeves and wearing this under a jacket in the English style as Laura Mellon mentions here and shows here.  Getting an extra outfit seemed like a fine idea and I love the color of the petticoat so getting to show it off is fun.
 My camicia from last year is far too open for this, so I'm cutting out a much less full one tonight and starting on that. I do think I'm going to do another lace inserted one though. I have a plain camicia but I always seem to wear this There's just something about the lace that makes me feel great.

I still need to decide on stocking color and if it will match the petticoat or the drawers. Might go with the former because the knitted stockings are blue and I will eventually finish them. Just not in the next month while sewing a dress.

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